Yay!! I am so excited that you decided to look into things that you can do for yourself to decrease your fine lines and wrinkles that you have been noticing. If you are anything like me, you do not mind growing older, but the signs of aging tend to stop me when I look at myself in the mirror.

What is my body doing when I start showing signs of aging? 

Your body stops replacing Collagen
You might not be eating the right foods that produce Collagen.
You can be dehydrated because you are not drinking enough water.

What are the signs that my body need more water and collagen?

You develop fine lines and wrinkles.
Thinning Hair
Your skin becomes dry
You develop achy joints.
You develop high blood pressure
You start to develop irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

My Feeling "Fabulous" Starts from Within Freebie will help you with these answers: 

There are several types of Collagens, how do I know which one is best?  You will learn about Bovine Collagen, and two types of Marine Collagen. The Vegetable Collagen is not true Collagen, so I did not discuss it.

How much water do I need daily? We all should drink more water. Do you know how much? Did you know that is needed to support your collagen effectiveness?

What foods will increase your Collagen?  I have quite a list of Collagen producing foods.

What foods decrease my Collagen? Who knew there were foods that actually took our collagen away faster.... we often eat this everyday even though we have been told several times that this is not good for us!

Did you know that collagen minimizes psoriasis, eczema, and scars? 

Did you know that collagen stabilizes blood sugar? 

One of the things that I have learned is to start my own care from within, using the Collagen that is formulated so my body accepts 90% of it. 

I also know how important skin care is.  I did not provide the moisture that my skin needed inside or outside.

More Awesome Resources

In my Freebie, I provide products that both my husband and I use for collagen. I also provide other products that I use for targeting my own fine lines and wrinkles.

Roxy Barnes-Mackey
Roxy Barnes-Mackey

I hope you enjoyed this post. I share new training weekly here on the blog that is specifically designed to help you grow old gracefully and beautifully. Please share any content or topics that you would like me to create for you!

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